The Power of Journaling

Heya! So as you might know I start every day with a few minutes of writing in my journal.
Nothing complicated (as most of my days start at 5:00 AM), but super powerful!

I start off with writing my GOALS. Any goals.
Literally just anything that pops into mind from banking 1 million Euro (in savings for an investment)
to going down a few % in body fat (fitness goals) or being comfortable with traveling business class all the time.

From there on I automatically move to my MINDSET STATEMENTS,
I guess you can call them affirmations as well.
Anyways they pump me up and remind me what is important in how I want to live my life.

A few examples are:

I nourish my body and soul
I get more done in 4 hours than others in a week
I implement so I win
Macro patience, micro speed
The third part is writing down ANYTHING THAT COMES TO MIND.
There is always a topic coming up, an insight, something that bothers me.
And if there’s not I simply ask myself: How do I feel? Why? What do I need? #magic

This part usually turns into my daily blog (like today!) – so got that covered.
It also explains the typo’s, because yes it’s now 5:15, hahaha.
The journaling part of my day really keeps me focussed on what I’m doing and why,
and more importantly it shows me when I’m messing up.

A simple example is my statement ‘I nourish my body and soul’ which for me stands for taking good care of myself and making sure I feel strong, lean and energised.
It gives me focus on how to improve this plus the push I need to actually make appointments with my gp, dentist etc.
I feel a bit stupid now, but for me they always feel like such a hassle, taking out a big chunk of your day.
Even worse (that it took so long to get there – 5 years!) I have finally made an appointment with the optician to get contacts as I only wear my glasses in the car or behind my computer and really need them every single minute that I’m awake.
Guess I’m getting my shit together thanks to journaling.

It builds focus and discipline … and better sight of what I’m doing 😉