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With The HOT Line you will get:

    Peace of mind
    Overview of your finances
    Clarity about the future of your business
    Structured and compliant administration
    Confident in your tax strategy

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The HOT Line, in English!

Looking forward to getting full grip on your finances with a simple and clear administration that will help you and your business to its next level?

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The HOT Line
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This is how The HOT Line works

You will get your own personal finance expert for 1:1 support to help you out with any questions you may have in regards to your business finances, tax returns, bookkeeping, and/ or administration. In addition to that you will receive regular updates about your legal obligations from the Dutch Tax Authorities, important deadlines in regards to your tax returns, and of course our best tips and ricks to help you and your business forward. 

This way you’ll know exactly what is expected from you to run your business smoothly and don’t pay too much in taxes, while making sure that you are fully compliant with the Dutch tax laws.





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Get that peace of mind in your business finances

What others say about House of Tax

Being a digital nomad with a company registered in the Netherlands and revenue streams from different countries and companies, I had some very specific questions.

Where nobody really seems to have the answers, Kim is very knowledgeable on tax related topics concerning digital nomads. 100% recommended!

She gave it to me straight, which was not necessarily in her favor business wise. Thanks for the great and honest advice Kim!

Daan Pruijssers / Facebook

These guys are the experts when it comes to explaining the Dutch system to expats. Not only did Esther sort, file and complete all of my tax returns (personal and business) she did so with such ease! Everything was done online, she replies almost instantly to any questions I have and does a fantastic job of talking me through everything. I love the fact that when I come home to a letter I am unsure of, I know I can send a quick snap to Esther and she will take care of it. Thank you so much for the awesome service, it's such a relief knowing you guys are there!

Harlie Mcglasson / Facebook

I love Kim's approach. Unlike every other accountant/ bookkeeper in the Netherlands, Kim's focus is on educating her clients so they can make informed decisions about how they do their tax. I love the Netherlands, but the scariest thing about living here is the Belastingdienst! After meeting with Kim I felt calm and capable. Thank you Kim for not charging an arm and a leg and making blue envelopes feel far less daunting.

Steph Stepan / Facebook

This is what The HOT Line will bring you

When you feel that there is much more you and your business can achieve than your current profit is showing, The HOT Line is definitely for you! Together we will build a strong financial foundation, and automate your business administration as much as possible to get you a solid, compliant, most profitable base without spending hours a month on your finances..
      One-on-one support for all your business finance related queries
      Information about legal obligations required by the Dutch tax authorities
      Reminders for important deadlines
      Step-by-step guides to automate your administration
      How to use the Dutch tax rulings to your advantage
      Evergreen access to tutorials, templates, checklists

The HOT Line in English is perfect for you when..

you are self employed with a business that is registered in the Netherlands, and can use some support with your administration, accounting and taxes. Yes! Then The HOT Line is THE solution for you. We give you all the necessary information and tools to make sure that you will get a grip and overview of your administration, so that both you and your business have more time to grow.

If you are a private individual without a registered business, owner of an association or foundation or your company is registered abroad, The HOT Line is unfortunately not suitable for you.

Are you looking for ways to evade taxes and work around the Dutch tax laws? Sorry! You’re at the wrong place. We optimize administrations as much as possible, but always work within the Dutch tax regulations and laws.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also file my tax returns?

No, with The HOT Line we do not take care of your tax returns. You will, however, receive information about what is expected of you, for example what information you need to be able to prepare a VAT return, when the deadlines are and what you should pay attention to to avoid penalties.

For the BTW (VAT) returns you will even get step-by-step guides and a video tutorial to help you through the process. And, of course our Support Team is also standby to help you out with any questions or checks.

Does The HOT Line work with any accounting software?

Hell yes! - As long as your software is based on the Dutch tax system. If you are still looking for great affordable accounting software we can highly recommend Moneybird. It is based on the Dutch tax standards, and available in the English language. When you use THIS LINK you can try Moneybird for free for the next 120 days!

Can I become a member if I don't have a Chamber of Commerce registration yet?

Yes, that's possible! You can already register in advance to The HOT Line so that you can get used to the method and implement all must knows immediately. Give us a quick notification via our contact page to let us know that you intend to start your company soon, and you will receive an email from us with tips and tricks for business starters.

Is it also suitable for experienced entrepreneurs?

Yes! The HOT Line is a method that is designed to be followed year after year. When your solid financial foundation is in place, we can go a step further and grow with you to your next levels (and adventures). Hiring staff, pension, setting up a holding structure, and more. But, if you feel very comfortable in your current business set up that is absolutely fine as well.
No matter the plans you have for your business, we are there to support you.

How long am I 'tied' to the subscription?

Your membership isa monthly subscription that can always be canceled. You can cancel your monthly subscription via the link you receive in the welcome email/ weekly communication or by sending a message . If you cancel halfway through a paid subscription period (you always pay one month in advance by direct debit), you will still have access to your House of Tax profile until the end of the paid period. You will also receive Premium Member emails until the end of that period. After the end of your subscription period, you will automatically be put on hold for payments and access.

How much time do I have to invest in The HOT Line?

That depends a bit on your starting point. On average, you spend about 20 minutes per week implementing the method, meeting deadlines, and / or updating your administrative processes in the first few months of your business.

Achieve this super-duper fast when you start working with The HOT Line

      More peace of mind
      A better overview in your business finances
      Clarity about the future of your business
      A structured and compliant bookkeeping
      Confident that you’re not paying too much in taxes
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About House of Tax

House of Tax is your point of contact when it comes to administration, accounting and tax. We answer your questions, solve problems and help you to remove any uncertainties around your Dutch business.

We are more than bookkeepers and tax consultants. We’re not just here to answer your questions, but proactively guide you in the world of tax, business finances, and administration. We like to become a part of your business, and together ensure that you and your company can grow, every single day.

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