Notes & Advice to Starting Entrepreneur Me

In the past 4,5 years of my entrepreneurial journey I’ve learned new things, every single day.
Got scared of new things, every single day.
And got a bit better, every single day.
I did not start with a mentor (which resulted in a lot more pain, struggle and lower profits than needed)
Looking back these are the things that I would tell my former self:
If you don’t like it – drop it and take massive action to get where you want things to be. Being a drama queen about stuff will cost you just as much energy, but takes more time.
You will learn the lesson along the way – you do not need to punish yourself first (Mkay?)
Yes, you will need profit and a buffer – but a 10K buffer will only get you so far. Invest the majority of your revenue, time, and money in improving your skills and network. They will be your bottomless buffer.
Stay weird.
And by weird I mean you be you and speak up if you don’t agree with things. You will receive both love & hate anyway so it will be a lot easier when you stay true to yourself instead of pleasing others
Get scared.
And fall in love with the emotion. Otherwise you will be stuck with little comfortable goals and a lot of planning. You can figure things out later – just go get your BIG ASS adventure now that it’s up for grabs!
Choose Freedom.
Being an entrepreneur means that all decisions are up to you. Do not get distracted by ‘how it should be’ or what other expect of you.
You will be at the foundation of a new breed of hybrid entrepreneurs, making history, creating a new lifestyle.
So YES you will piss people off.
But guess what?! If you play it safe you will piss people off as well so which one’s better?
Eat all the pizza that you can, NOW!
You will get allergic reactions to wheat, dairy and tomatoes in about 3 years from now. Pizza will become you enemy #truestory 😀