Mr. President Barack Obama | Thinking Forward Leadership Seminar

Woah! Such an awesome day, and so close to home (Amsterdam) 
I really enjoyed this years Thinking Forward Leadership Seminar with special guest Mr. President Barack Obama, next to an impressive line up with Marshall Goldsmith, Dan Shapiro, Ali Niknam (Bunq Bank), Michaela dePrince, Steven van Bellegem and many more.
BUBBEL. While only Barack Obama mentions the word ‘bubble’ to describe the influences, content, and people we surround ourselves with I noticed that this was a recurring subject for all guests speakers.
In every note that I’ve made there is something connected to how you and your tribe are currently influenced. I personally think that understanding this part is majorly important if you want to dive into leadership – especially if you are in the phase of determining what kind of leader you are.
LEADERSHIP. Once you have a clear understanding of your – and your tribes bubble (basically your starting point, this is how it is NOW + how things will look like in the near future) you will have a better perspective of your choices of impact as a leader.
Do you want to be a leader for everyone in your bubble (a.k.a. same type of lifestyle/ influencers), and leave out everyone else? Or is it in your legacy plan to become a World Leader?
Oprah 2.0 or the next Tony Robbins. Leaders who still work within their own niche, but influence far outside their bubble and make an impact on nearly the entire planet.
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