Expand your Money Goals

I breathe in and out and focus on taking action instead of freaking out.
My goals just got 10x-ed by Grant Cardone. My tiny millionaire dream got slayed by the reality of those who have gained their wealth; a few million is not enough these days if you want make massive impact.
I let it sink in for a bit. Do I really want to have a net worth of 50 million Euro? Making millions every single year?
The idea does create this little spark that got bigger and BIGGER over the next days until it bursted into a badass FIRE!
I realised I got super comfortable with my current goals which I could map out and see what baby steps I would need to take to get there.
The end goal was on the horizon. I could see and feel it. And with that I just stopped running and slowed my pace.. all good, comfortable… and lazy.
It missed the adventure and excitement that I crave in my life.
But what now?
This new goal of a net worth of 50 million Euro brings up fear.
Lot’s of fear – mostly of the unknown.
“How am I going to do this?!”
“What if x..y..z happens?!”
“It must be difficult and so much more work than now!”
As I’m writing all my worries down I start to laugh.
Oh, hello there old friend. Nice to see you here, MONEY BLOCKS – have not seen you in a while.
Heard your bullshit stories and will choose to ignore them, OK?
Bye Bye now, I don’t have time for you as I’ve got some work to do.
#daretothinkbigger #10x
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