House of Tax

House of Tax is an online Tax & Admin consultancy for digital nomads, bloggers and online entrepreneurs who have their business registered in the Netherlands. The first 3,5 years we have completely focussed on the English speaking community, and are specialised in expats and non Dutch speakers who are starting their business in these cold and wet lowlands.

We understand how overwhelming it can feel when you find yourself lost in translation between a language you don’t speak, and laws you are not familiar with. This is why we always make sure to take the time to explain the HOW’s and WHY’s to you, and have several translations available (e.g. an English tutorial for BTW returns).

Kim de Jong RBc (registered at the Register Belastingadviseurs) and her team all have an extensive background in finance, accounting and taxation, and attend regular scholing to stay up to date. In addition, Vera Verlooij holds a Master in Law and specialises in both Tax & Legal (mediation, contracts, terms & conditions, etc.)


Our Services

We currently offer 1 hour Skype Calls and email consultations that are registered per minute to cover all your start up, tax and legal questions. Simply book a 60 min consult through the button below and you will receive the option to book in a Skype call or ask your question per email after payment. Once the invoice is paid you will have 12 months to book in your Skype consult or ask all needed questions per email.

Your consult will cost €247, ex. BTW and will in most cases be deductible as a business expense (even if you are not registered at the Chamber of Commerce yet). In case your questions and challenges will take up more than 1 hour we will contact you in advance (before we get started). This could be the case when investigation or objection is due.


  • You will receive an invoice after signing up the registration form above;
  • The Tax & Legal consult have a fee of 247 euros, ex. BTW for 1 hour;
  • The invoice has to be paid in a period of 7 days after receiving the invoice;
  • A Tax & Legal Skype/phone consult has a minimum of 1 hour;
  • A Tax & Legal email consult is charged per minute. The consults are rounded up or down per 5 minutes;
  • The balance is 12 months valid after the invoice date;
  • After a consult, you will receive an email with your updated balance;
  • If you wish to reschedule a consult this can be done up to 12 hours in advance.
    Any rescheduling requests within 12 hours of your booking will be treated as a cancellation;
  • If you wish to cancel a consult entirely, that’s fine but we do not offer money back;
  • All services will be performed in accordance with the terms set out in the General Terms and Conditions.

There are options through our hourly fee of €247, ex. BTW and packages with a fixed price. What matters to us most is that we would like to help you and your business in the best way we can. So, if you are interested in outsourcing your returns, or simply want a check please let us know via the contact form or email ( and we will get in touch to discuss your business needs.

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