101 Deductible Costs for your Small Business

I receive many requests for a ‘list’ with all possible deductible costs for small businesses.
If there was one, I would have given it to you within a heartbeat!
Unfortunately (and fortunately)  there is no standard list of deductions offered by the tax office. To determine if certain costs are deductible for your company we will have to look at the reason (and intention) of why you have purchased the items and/or services.
“Your purchase is a business deduction when it is needed for your company to keep running. What is needed can vary from company to company.”
So – no list of set rules (although there are quite a lot of exceptions and special rulings made up throughout court cases in the past few years) – but to get you started, here are 101 possible deductions!
Rent office / co-working desk
Laptop / tablet
Laptop bag
Printer / scanner
Print paper / ink
Writing materials
Packaging materials
Cleaning products (not at home)
Furnishing / furniture (not at home)
(Mobile) phone
Phone subscription
Internet subscription
Business cards
Banners / Posters
Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn ads
LinkedIn Premium
Digital photo camera
Lamps / selfie stick / diva light
Promotional material
Give aways
(Car) stickers
Shorts / networks (specific arrangement)
Public transport
Car rental
Greenwheels subscription
Mileage registration private car
Mileage registration private bike
Mileage registration private moped / scooter
Company car
Commuting company car
Fuel for company car
Maintenance for company car
Motor vehicle tax company car
Parking company car
Taxi / Uber
Air travel
Transport costs abroad
Accounting/bookkeeping program
Bank charges
Bank statement (linked to bookkeeping program)
Payment provider (Mollie)
Paypal costs
Credit card costs
Exchange rate differences
Chamber of Commerce registration
Business insurance
Payroll software
Time registration software
Kilometer registration software
Franchise costs
Interest (except for fines)
Second opinion (professional)
SOFTWARE & Hardware
Website Hosting
Domain names
Website (WordPress) theme
Website plugins
Web store software
SSL certificate
Email Host (like Gmail)
(Extra) data storage
Webinar software
Podcast streamers (Soundcloud, Spotify)
Social media tools (Hootsuite, Later, etc.)
Photo editing software (Photoshop, VSCO, etc)
Calendar / planner (Calendly, etc)
Virus scanner
Data carriers (USB / CDs / external hard drive)
Freelancer / freelancer
Virtual Assistant / Office Manager
Social media consultant
Public Relations consultant
Bookkeeper / Tax Advisor / Accountant
Lawyer / lawyer
Business Coach (under conditions)
Insurance expert
Banker / financial planner
Cleaning lady rented office (not deductible at home)
Hostess (company party)
Paid help from private individuals
Tips (gratuity)
Material costs / purchase
Rent materials
Private goods input (specific scheme)
Professional literature
Membership in professional trade association
Training (if for current entrepreneurial activities)
Eating & Drinking with leads / customers (specific arrangement)
Seminars (specific arrangement)
Study trips (specific arrangement)
Travel and accommodation costs (specific arrangement)
Relocation (specific arrangement)
Work clothing (specific arrangement)
Work reward Fiscal Partner (see cooperation allowance)
Child labor 15+ (see children working in the company)
Gift to other entrepreneur / company (specific scheme)
Disclaimer: It is up to you as an entrepreneur to make it plausible why the costs were made to run your business. The list above only shows a number of examples that may qualify as deductible operating costs.
If you use certain services / products outside of work activities you must make a correction for private use in your administration.
There may also be a difference in what is deductible for the income tax vs the BTW (VAT) taxation, so please double check both parts of your invoice.
Are you in doubt? Always seek help from a professional to make sure if your expense type is deductible for your company – Feel free to send a message via CONTACT if you want to go through your costs (and questions) in a consultation!