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101 Deductible Costs for your Small Business

I receive many requests for a ‘list’ with all possible deductible costs for small businesses. If there was one, I would have given it to you within a heartbeat! Unfortunately (and fortunately)  there is no standard list of deductions offered by the tax office. To determine if certain costs are deductible for your company we[Lees verder…]

Mr. President Barack Obama | Thinking Forward Leadership Seminar

Woah! Such an awesome day, and so close to home (Amsterdam)  I really enjoyed this years Thinking Forward Leadership Seminar with special guest Mr. President Barack Obama, next to an impressive line up with Marshall Goldsmith, Dan Shapiro, Ali Niknam (Bunq Bank), Michaela dePrince, Steven van Bellegem and many more.   BUBBEL. While only Barack[Lees verder…]