The Power of Journaling

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Heya! So as you might know I start every day with a few minutes of writing in my journal. Nothing complicated (as most of my days start at 5:00 AM), but super powerful! I start off with writing my GOALS. Any goals. Literally just anything that pops into mind from banking 1 million Euro (in […]

Notes & Advice to Starting Entrepreneur Me

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NOTES & ADVICE TO STARTING ENTREPRENEUR ME   In the past 4,5 years of my entrepreneurial journey I’ve learned new things, every single day.   Got scared of new things, every single day.   And got a bit better, every single day.   I did not start with a mentor (which resulted in a lot […]

Expand your Money Goals

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I breathe in and out and focus on taking action instead of freaking out. My goals just got 10x-ed by Grant Cardone. My tiny millionaire dream got slayed by the reality of those who have gained their wealth; a few million is not enough these days if you want make massive impact. Crap. I let it […]