0% VAT or VAT Reversed?

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In our Facebook Group Let’s Talk About Tax, Studio Popp asked this super question! What do you do if the invoice is not entirely correct for tax reasons? (After all, 0% VAT is slightly different than the VAT shift) In this case, it is probably the supplier’s software system, where sometimes no other option is […]

Barter Deal

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If you are in the start-up phase of your company, it may well be that your budget is not yet completely matched with the expenses you need. As an independent entrepreneur you naturally understand that you cannot just ask for everything for free (including the photographers, web designers and yes .. even tax advisers must […]

Uber & VAT Returns

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When it comes to VAT it is first of all very important to see who actually provides a service to you. Is that Uber, or the driver who stops at your door? From there you will look at the status of the service provider; Is this a company or a private person? (Private individuals are […]

101 Deductible Costs for your Small Business

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I receive many requests for a ‘list’ with all possible deductible costs for small businesses. If there was one, I would have given it to you within a heartbeat! Unfortunately (and fortunately)  there is no standard list of deductions offered by the tax office. To determine if certain costs are deductible for your company we […]

The Power of Journaling

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Heya! So as you might know I start every day with a few minutes of writing in my journal. Nothing complicated (as most of my days start at 5:00 AM), but super powerful! I start off with writing my GOALS. Any goals. Literally just anything that pops into mind from banking 1 million Euro (in […]