0% VAT or VAT Reversed?

In our Facebook Group Let’s Talk About Tax, Studio Popp asked this super question! What do you do if the invoice is not entirely correct for tax reasons? (After all, 0% VAT is slightly different than the VAT shift) In this case, it is probably the supplier’s software system, where sometimes no other option is possible.

In that case you will look at the most important criteria for an invoice shifted VAT, and from there decide whether you can include it in your administration or whether you should approach the supplier to request another invoice.


VAT transfer involves the sale of a service between two entrepreneurs registered in the EU;

The VAT number of both the customer and the supplier is stated on the invoice;

No local VAT is invoiced;

On the invoice there is a sentence along the lines of “VAT reversed / VAT shifted”

Do you still have any questions or are you not entirely sure?
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